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Is tiling a good career?

Tiling is an excellent career choice for those who are practically minded and have the ambition to become self-employed and be the boss of their own wall & floor tiling business.

Tiling as a trade is an enormously rewarding option. Tiling is a finishing trade and as such, you get to see the finished article when you have completed the job. Wall and floor tiles offer a wide range of aesthetic options and you get to work with an enormous selection of different colours, finishes, and shapes. Your customers are also instinctively more inclined to pay more for the finishing touches to a job, than they are for thing they don’t see such as electrics, plumbing or plaster boarding. This makes tiling one of the more financially rewarding trades to offer.

The other good thing about tiling as a career is that you get to work almost exclusively indoors! The obvious benefit of this is that you stay warm and dry, but the other massive positive is that the demand for tilers is there all year round. Here at Expert Tiling Courses UK we get a large number of students coming to us who are already landscape gardeners or roofers. While these are also highly skilled and great careers, they are massively effected by the British weather. If you are in one of these trades then when its raining, you’re not working. This isn’t something that a career in tiling is affected by.

Is there a demand for tilers?

Tiling is a trade that has been around for hundred of years and tiled surfaces show no sign of ever going out of fashion. It is probably safe to say that there will always be a high demand for skilled tilers, meaning that prices will remain high and there’s unlikely to ever be a shortage of work available. With the ongoing housing crisis leading to more and more houses being built each year, tiling is a trade that goes from strength to strength, and makes tiling as a career and excellent option for those people looking to start a new career.

Most of our previous students that we still speak to who are currently running their own tiling business are fully booked for anywhere between 3 and 6 months in advance. The demand for tilers is certainly strong.

In monetary terms, high-quality self-employed tilers are earning more money now than ever before.

Is it easy to become a tiler?

Starting your new career in tiling is the easy part. With the correct training, a solid understanding of the technical principles of tiling, and the ability to repeat the core skills time and time again, anybody can become a tiler. What sets the truly successful tilers apart from the rest of the bunch is often a mix of dedication, ambition, hard work, business intelligence, and truly caring about the quality of work they turn out.

When you are a self-employed tradesperson, you have enormous benefits linked to being self-employed. Being your own boss and not answering to someone else, the ability to set your own working days and hours, and the knowledge that the harder you work the more money you make for yourself, rather than for somebody else. But these benefits do come with some drawbacks too. As a self-employed person you don’t have the security of employment. There are no guaranteed hours or even income. Because of this, it is important to fully embrace the fact that you are a businessperson first and foremost. There is no use your tiling work being outstanding if you don’t know how to find work, charge correctly for it, or organise and optimise the commercial elements of your tiling business. Thankfully we can help you with that part too.

Our intensive tiling courses cover more than just the practical element of tiling, they are what we call ‘Full Business Start-Up Courses’. We will help you to get a full understanding of what is required to set-up and run your tiling business, and make it as profitable as possible. It is our job to help you to make a real success of your new career, and we have a fantastic reputation of doing exactly that for hundreds of previous students.

If a new and financially rewarding career as a wall and floor tiler is your dream, then the single biggest thing you can do to help yourself achieve that dream is choose the best possible tiling training in the UK. So ask yourself, why choose us?