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Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we get asked.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Just some suitable clothing for the time of year, which you won’t mind getting dirty, and some work boots. It may be sensible to bring some clean shoes with you to arrive and leave the training centre each day, so you don’t get tile adhesive all over the inside of your car. We provide everything else you will need!

Do I need any qualifications to become a tiler?

No! To become a tiler working in the private market you do not need any qualifications at all. If you wished to work on construction sites in the future, you would need a CSCS card (you’ll need to complete a quick health and safety test), and an NVQ. If you decide you want to go down that route, we can put you in contact with an NVQ assessor who will need to visit and inspect a few examples of your work. In reality, most tilers work in the private domestic market and do not have NVQs or CSCS cards.

At the end of your training we will provide you with professional certificates documenting your training across all of the different modules. These certificates can be used as an illustration of your competence across your social media pages or marketing.

How much can I earn as a tiler?

This tends to depend on what area of the country you trade in. As a guide, tilers currently charge between £40 and £55 per square meter (or £250 to £350 per day) as a labour charge for fitting ceramic or porcelain tiles, and 50% more for natural stone. There are countless opportunities to make extra income, and we will teach you how to identify them and then maximise your income. Check our Running a tiling business page for much more information.

Are all training centres the same?

No. Most tiling courses offered around the country take place in a multi-skilled training centre which teach a wide variety of trades, but don’t specialise in anything. Expert Tiling Courses UK is a dedicated tiling training provider, and we only teach tiling from our purpose built training centre.

In an effort to make all of our courses as effective and informative as possible, our team have attended a number of tiling courses with other providers, to learn what works and what doesn’t. It has allowed us to compare other courses to what we offer. We have also done extensive research with students of our own and of other providers. This has enabled us to structure our courses in a way that students find informative and worthwhile. In our experience, some courses are too basic and focussed at DIYers rather than people looking to make a career out of tiling. While others consist of too much theory and not enough practical work. We have worked hard to structure our courses so that you leave our training centre with all of the theoretical knowledge you will need, while also having enough practical experience to give you the confidence to go straight out in to the working world and take on paid jobs.

We only offer professional level training, there is nothing DIY about what you will learn. You will leave our training centre fully equipped with the knowledge you will need to overcome the different problems you will come across in the real world.

I’m travelling to your course, can you recommend somewhere I can stay overnight?

Yes, and we have negotiated a discounted rate for our students! Check out our Accommodation page for details.

Can you recommend what tools I should buy?

Yes, absolutely! Check out our Tiling Tools page

How good should I expect to be after such a short course?

Make no mistake, while our courses are relatively short in duration, they are intensive and crammed full of information every single day. Due to the unique way we have structured our courses, and the teaching method your training instructor Henry adopts, you will be taught following the pattern of ‘explain, demonstrate, complete’. Henry will ensure there is always time for questions, and often you will find you learn more from your mistakes than you will from getting it right first time. Due to the way the practical work is planned throughout the week, there is always a chance to have another go at something you struggled with the first time. By the time they leave, the vast majority of our students are astonished at what they are able to do!

Do I need any previous tiling experience to attend your courses?

Absolutely not. The majority of our students have no previous experience whatsoever. In fact, we have found that it is often the people with no experience that get the best results. We will guide you through from start to finish

Will you help me with how to start up a tiling business and finding jobs?

Yes! We will touch on a lot of the business principals involved in running a tiling business during your first 4 days training. Our 1 Day Business Development, Advanced Product Knowledge & Natural Stone Course which runs on Fridays is absolutely essential and gives you all of the information and skills needed to make your new career a success. It is also worth having a look at our Running a tiling business page for more helpful information.

Are your courses suitable for me?

Our courses are designed for men and women of all ages with a wide range of previous experience. Anybody looking to start a new career in tiling, or looking to save money on their own property projects will find our courses and the skills and knowledge we teach you invaluable.

Do you reuse tiles from previous courses?

No. This was one of the most common complaints we heard when surveying customers of other training providers. Time spent scraping down and washing adhesive off tiles is time not spent learning. Not at Expert Tiling Courses UK!

Do you accept ReAct+ Funding?

We do! Take a look at our ReAct+ page for more details.

Still have questions?