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Expert Tiling Course

Course duration: 13 days
Course cost: £1799 inc VAT

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About The Course

Our 13 Day Expert Tiling Course runs over three weeks and includes all of the information, theoretical knowledge, experience and practical work from all of our other courses put together, including our 9 Day Advanced Intensive Tiling Course, along with an additional 4 days of training and experience with some of the most demanding layouts and unusual situations you are likely to come across.

This is the most intensive and complete tiling course we offer and you’ll learn everything we know about tiling, business, maximising profits, natural stone, background preparations and much much more! You will not find a more comprehensive tiling course anywhere in the UK.

The final week of the course has much more focus on floor tiling than the previous weeks, and you will become proficient in all forms of floor setting out and tiling to different patterns & bonds. You will be working in a new bay for this final week, purposely designed and built to teach you some expert techniques. You will be asked to set-out and fully tile this bay, walls and floor. This bay throws up many more challenges than you will have experienced in weeks 1 & 2. There is more complex trim work, more difficult tile cutting and setting out, even some awkward walls and boxing-ins to deal with. Once you have completed this final week’s training and dealt with everything we have thrown at you, you will be ready to begin your new career with every confidence in your ability to succeed.

During the third week of this course you will learn how to tile more complicated tile patterns/bonds such as diamond, brick or herringbone, including wrapping them around corners so the bond flows from wall to wall. These more complicated bonds are becoming more and more popular in the interior design world, and as such customers will request them more regularly than you would think! You will also deal with some larger tiles with wall and floor tiling, including some tricky cuts. Many of our students have found this extra week hugely beneficial in terms of building their confidence and having the opportunity to put some of their new skills into action without the pressure of doing it in a customer’s house with their expensive tiles. At the end of this course, not only will you have all of the knowledge and skills to become a self-employed professional wall and floor tiler, you will also have the experience of having problem-solved around some unusual obstacles and know that you can take on anything that is thrown at you, along with the confidence that you can accurately put your new tiling skills into action. You will experience as many real-life scenarios and layouts as possible.

Some other training providers offer close to this level of information and training but spread it across an 8-10 week course. In our experience, and with the feedback we have received from students of many different training providers including ourselves, the compacted and intensive structure of our training really benefits knowledge and skill retention and means you don’t spend half of every day going back over what you learnt the previous week. Every minute of every day at Expert Tiling Courses UK is targeted towards growing your knowledge and practical skills, we don’t do time-wasting!

Realise your earning potential as a self-employed professional tiler, as well as learning how to run your own tiling business. You will be shown how to keep account records and develop marketing skills. We will also cover measuring and pricing up jobs, issuing quotations, using all of the tools you will need, and fixing and replacing tiles. Learn about tiling patterns & bonds, cutting unusual shapes out of tiles, advanced borders, uneven and un-level surfaces, adhesives, grouts, sealers, and more. You will also know how to tile both residential and commercial areas.

Tiling Manual

Our 13-day course is the most comprehensive tiling course available and you will learn lots of advanced tiling techniques, along with gaining experience and confidence in your skills. As with all our other courses, you will receive additional information to add to your bound Tiling Manual, covering everything you have learnt on this expert course. All our manuals have been carefully structured to ensure that any information you may need is easy to find and clear to understand. Keep it nearby and it will support you on every job you do!

Ongoing Support

As with every course we offer, all our students benefit from our ongoing support service. Although you will have an expert tiling qualification and will feel fully confident to take on any tiling job going, we understand that sometimes you may feel you need some advice on an unexpected problem or an unusual job. All students of Expert Tiling Courses UK will be given our contact details and are able to take advantage of our ongoing support and advice on any matters from practical skills, problem-solving, or even the business side of things. Contact us with questions or pictures, and we’ll do what we can to help you out!

If you are looking to make a change in your life, this 13 day course is all you need, and will arm you with all of the skills you require to begin your new and exciting career in tiling!

This course runs across 3 weeks, Monday – Friday followed by Monday – Thursday and then Monday – Thursday. Give us a call to see when we can fit you in!

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Course content

  • Our 9 Day Advanced Intensive Tiling Course
  • Lots more practical wall & floor tiling experience
  • Brick bond
  • Diamond bond
  • Herringbone bond
  • Wrapping bonds around corners
  • Advanced problem solving
  • Using angle grinders on porcelain tiles
  • Kitchen splashback layouts
  • Kitchen splashback practical experience
  • Cutting difficult shapes
  • Plunging socket cuts out of large format tiles
  • Confidence building
  • Time to really develop your skills
  • Levelling clips systems
  • Setting out large format floor tiles
  • Tiling a complete kitchen splashback in advanced tiling patterns/bonds
  • Tiling speed exercises
  • Expert tile trim exercises with multiple mitre cuts
  • Measuring up a full job along with prices and material wastage calculations
  • Advanced floor setting out exercise
  • Circular cuts with angle grinder
  • Levelling clips practical exercise
  • Complex templating
  • The Expert Cutting Challenge – this really will test you