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9 Day Advanced Intensive Tiling Course

Our 9 Day Advanced Intensive Tiling Course runs over two weeks and includes all of the information, experience, and practical work from our 4 Day Professional Intensive Tiling Course, coupled with our essential 1 Day Business Development, Advanced Product Knowledge & Natural Stone Course, along with an additional 4 days of advanced wall and floor tiling training.

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About The Course

This course is fast-tracked advanced training suitable for anyone looking to start a career in tiling. No prior tiling experience is needed and this course works well for people with little or no experience in the trades/construction industry. This course is also perfect for people who want time to really hone their skills and build their confidence with trickier scenarios before going out to work on customers’ homes.

Once you have completed this advanced course you can expect to have all of the business tools you’ll need to go out and begin your tiling business immediately. You will know the best and most cost-effective methods of marketing and finding work, and how to build a portfolio of work to show off your tiling skills.  You should have confidence in your product knowledge and be able to demonstrate this knowledge and therefore competency to your prospective customers. This will help you convert more quoting opportunities into paid work.

The additional 4 days of practical work will provide you with more experience and time on the tools, which will in turn increase your confidence dramatically. You will also cover a wide range of additional tiling skills, with more experience cutting larger and more dense porcelain tiles. This course includes detailed training in more complex tiling patterns, along with some different techniques for dealing with real-life situations you will come across in customers’ homes. If you are serious about becoming a self-employed professional wall and floor tiler and earning a living straight away, this is the course for you.

As with our other courses, the practical work during this course is extensive, although this week you will be left to your own devices a little more. In the second week of this course, you will be working in a new bay which has been designed to test you more. The week begins with a practical exercise that requires you to problem solve, set out around multiple obstacles, and begin to tile your new and purpose-built bay using a no batten technique. There will be borders and pipework to consider, ensuring everything stays level and plumb as you work your way up the walls. You will be taught how to measure out and cut tiles for a picture framing of a design, how to change the orientation of your tiles within a border to achieve an attractive design, and how to cut out and install a geometric feature design piece.

During this second week of the course we will also dig really deep into tile trims, and the numerous different types of cuts and mitres you need to know how to identify, cut, and then install in order to deal with internal corners, external corners, and 3-way mitres. You will then need to use all of these trim cutting techniques within your bay. You will also have some tricky plug socket cut-outs to complete. We will touch on the potential hazards of tiling around kitchen islands, and how to ensure you don’t go wrong, and you’ll be set a number of setting out tasks for complex floor plans and tile bonds that run through multiple rooms. All stuff that you will need to know if you are to take on the more complex jobs while running your tiling business.

You will also get to grips with wet room installations and other systems like tanking and anti-fracture matting. We will show you how these work along with all the tips and tricks we have learned from our many years in the trade! We pass this knowledge on to you so you don’t have to make the mistakes before learning from them.

Tiling Manual

This 9-day course is extremely in-depth and you will be taught lots of advanced tiling techniques. As with our other courses, you will also receive additional information for your bound Tiling Manual, covering everything you have learnt on this advanced course. This manual has again been carefully formatted to ensure that any information you need is easy to find and clear to understand. You really won’t want to go to any job without having your Tiling Manual readily accessible!

Ongoing Support

As with the other courses, every student our ours benefits from our ongoing support service. Although you will have an advanced tiling qualification and will feel confident to take on the vast majority of jobs in the domestic market, we appreciate that sometimes you may need some help with an unexpected problem or an unusual job. All students of Expert Tiling Courses UK will have our contact details and be able to take advantage of our ongoing support and advice on any matters from practical skills, problem solving, or even the business side of things.

Course Content

Our 4 Day Professional Intensive Tiling Course
Our 1 Day Business Development, Advanced Product Knowledge & Natural Stone Course
An additional 4 days of tiling theory and practical experience
Wet room installations
Tanking systems
Anti-fracture mattings and correct fitting techniques
More advanced and awkward setting out
Practical work on more challenging bays
Problem solving
No batten technique
Tiling around difficult obstacles
Kitchen islands and the problems they can cause
Geometric designs
More complex and detailed cutting exercises
Tiling pipework boxing ins and continuing grout joints accurately
3-way trim mitre for boxing in pipework, or half tiling a window
External and internal trim mitres
More complex tile borders
Cutting out multiple sockets close together
Understanding of mosaics and the correct fixing techniques
Working to drawings
Pricing up a full job to include all materials and labour
More advanced floor setting out – multiple rooms
Cutting difficult shapes out of larger more dense porcelain tiles

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Find answers to common questions about the 9 Day Advanced Intensive course.

Do I need any previous experience?

No. None of our courses require any previous experience. We do not assume any prior knowledge and we start from the very beginning. If you have no experience whatsoever but are wanting to tile for a living, either this course or our 13 Day Expert Course are what we would recommend.

What materials are provided?

Tiles, tools, adhesive, grouts. Everything you need is provided for you.

Is there follow-up support?

All of our courses benefit from our comprehensive aftercare service. We are happy to help with any questions you may have, even after you have left us.

What days are the training?

This course runs across two weeks. It is Monday to Friday on the first week, and Monday to Thursday on the second week.

Where can I stay?

There are many reasonably priced hotels nearby. We even have an agreement with a local hotel who offer a discount for our students.

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Contact us today and one of our team will get back to you within 48 hours.