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4 Day Professional Intensive Tiling Course

Our 4 Day Professional Intensive Tiling Course is fast-tracked training suitable for anyone with good practical skills looking to start a career in tiling.

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About The Course

Our 4 Day Professional Intensive Tiling Course is fast-tracked training suitable for anyone with good practical skills looking to start a career in tiling.

Due to the way this course has been carefully designed, the broad scope of the content covered, and the intensive learning structure, even if you have no previous tiling experience you can learn everything you need to know and develop the confidence in your practical tiling skills to enable you to start work as a professional tiler. There is nothing DIY about this course, it is tiling training taught to the highest level, designed to give you all the skills you need to start your own business and begin your tiling career immediately after finishing the course. There is no time wasted during your time at Expert Tiling Courses UK, we don’t do standing around with hands in pockets, or extended breaks. We have designed the course to pack in as much learning and practical work as possible. You also benefit from being able to instantly build on the skills you learnt the previous day, with no loss of progression. When compared to most tiling courses that run over a much longer period of time, with all of that repeated travel and accommodation arrangements and cost, you will see the benefit of an intensive, fast-tracked training course.

You can expect to learn all aspect of tiling, we will teach you everything from how to accurately price jobs, the difference between the many different adhesives and sealants on the market, which tools to use for which situation, along with how to mark, cut and fix tiles to walls and floors.Your practical work during this course is extensive and begins on day one. You will learn the best methods of setting out the job, how to ensure your tiling begins and stays level throughout a job, you will be tiling around wash hand basins with curved edges, installing borders into the centre of walls, wrapping the design and pattern of those borders in and around corners to keep the design flowing from wall to wall. You’ll be creating your own patterns, and cutting them into the surrounding tiles, and cutting out tiles for plug sockets. You will also learn how to frame a window, deal with out-of-square window openings and how to mitre and fit tile trim to hide the unsightly cut edges of tiles, providing a professional look. If you work quick enough, we even have a pipework boxing in for you to tackle with tiles, border and trim!You will learn why some tiling installations work, and others fail. We will teach you all of the tricks of the trade that we have amassed over our many years in the industry, along with letting you know about the potential pitfalls to avoid. Please take a look at the Course Content to see what you will cover during your course.

We also run a 1 Day Business Development, Advanced Product Knowledge & Natural Stone Course as an optional add-on for students who take this 4 day tiling course. This additional day's training really is a must if you want to be successful in your new career and set yourself apart from the average ceramic tiler. This 1 day course runs on Fridays and most students complete it in the same week as their 4 day course.

Teaching Format

Your training instructor will be Henry, he is the owner of Expert Tiling Courses UK, and has over a decade’s experience in running successful businesses in this industry. It is our job to pass on that experience to you so you may also be successful in your own businesses. We have designed all our courses to be very easy to follow, and we always ensure nobody gets left behind. Henry adopts the Explain>Demonstrate>Complete method of teaching, so you will know exactly what you are supposed to be doing and have seen it done before mastering it yourself. All of the tools and equipment you will need are provided for you, just bring yourself!

Tiling Manual

All of our courses have been carefully designed with you in mind, they are extremely in-depth and you will be taught how to tile to the highest standards. That being said, we know that sometimes it can be helpful to have some notes or instructions to refer back to when something slips your mind, or you come across a new problem you have to deal with. With this in mind, you will receive a comprehensive and bound hand-out for each of our courses, we call it our Tiling Manual. Everything you learn throughout the duration of your course will be covered in your Tiling Manual that you get to take home to refer back to whenever you need. This manual has been carefully formatted to ensure that any information you need is easy to find and clear to understand.

Ongoing Support

Every student of ours benefits from our ongoing support service. While we aim to teach you everything you are likely to need to know during your course, we appreciate that sometimes you may need some help with an unusual job or an unexpected problem. All students of Expert Tiling Courses UK will be given our contact details and be able to take advantage of our ongoing support and advice on any matters from practical skills, problem-solving, or even the business side of things. We will try and guide you through any issues you may come across even after you have left us.

Course Content

Induction and an overview of the training centre
Introduction to the tools you will be using throughout your course
Health & Safety and PPE (personal protective equipment)
Demonstration of manual tile cutters
Demonstration of electric wet saws
Laser Levels & how to use them
Extensive cutting exercises for you to master using both manual and electric tile cutters
Pricing jobs in detail
Full understanding of the various types of adhesives, and which to use when.
Background preparation, priming, dealing with out of level & plumb surfaces
The importance of setting out a job correctly – you should know where every tile will be fixed before you start
Cutting around baths, toilets and basins
The different types of tiles – ceramic/porcelain/mosaic
Uneven walls
Un-level floors
Self-levelling compounds
Inserting borders in to your walls
Keeping your tiling level
Patterns and different feature tile designs
How to trowel a wall with adhesive
Trowelling floors and the different technique
Fixing methods for different tiling situations
Spacing and what size to use
Framing a window
Dealing with out of square window openings
Tiling window reveals and window header
Tile trims & cutting mitres
Cutting out sockets and light switches for kitchen splashbacks
Floor tiling and the importance of setting out square to doors
Radiator pipework
Hole cutting
Finishing around doors & architrave
Kitchen splashback problem solving
Explanation of the different types of grout and when to use which
Grouting your own practical work, and using the correct tools
Silicone & the correct techniques to achieve the perfect silicone bead
Suppliers, trade accounts & profits you can make
How to find work
Which types of jobs you should be targeting
Customer service and building trust
How much you can earn

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Find answers to common questions about the 4 Day Advanced Intensive course.

What days is this course run on?

This course runs across 4 days, Monday to Thursday, with an additional optional add-on day on the Friday.

What can I expect to learn?

This course covers the core, key skills needed for wall & floor tiling. We have included a long list of content covered above.

Do I need any previous experience?

No. None of our courses require any previous experience. We do not assume any prior knowledge and we start from the very beginning. That said, if you have no prior experience whatsoever, and are looking to start a career in tiling, we recommend having a look at one of our longer courses.

Will I receive a certificate?

Students who complete our courses will receive certification that details the information they have learnt and the skills they have demonstrated.

What are the course times?

This course runs from 8am until 4pm each day.

Still have questions?

Contact us today and speak to one of the team.