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Why Choose Us

We are one of a very small number of dedicated tiling training providers in the UK. It is important to remember that not all tiling training centres are the same. If you are looking for an exciting new career in tiling, it is vital you invest wisely in your future. Picking the right training provider is critical to your success.

Dedicated tiling training centre

Expert Tiling Courses UK is one of the only dedicated tiling training centres in the country. Being a dedicated tiling centre rather than a multi-skilled centre has enabled us to focus fully on ensuring our students leave our course as experienced and knowledgeable as possible, and ready to start their new careers. Everything in our training centre has been designed with you in mind and has been purpose built to enable you to achieve your tiling goals.

Bespoke designed courses

Our courses have been carefully designed to ensure the content and structure is adequately detailed in terms of theory. This will give you the confidence to go out and quote for work and demonstrate your product knowledge and competency to potential customers. Our courses also include more than enough practical work to give you the experience you need to complete the jobs. We feel it is important that you enjoy your training, in our experience students tend to learn more quickly if the work is both enjoyable and challenging – we will not have you repeating the same tasks over and over again as this is time wasted where you could be learning something else. Based on our extensive research of other training providers, and their students, our goal was to design our courses to achieve the perfect balance between theory and practical work, challenging yet achievable tasks, all taught at a fast pace but where nobody gets left behind. The feedback we have received from students confirms that we have achieved that goal.

Realistically designed training bays

Our training bays have been expertly designed to replicate the hurdles and obstacles you will experience on a daily basis as a tiler. We have wash basins, radiator pipes, boxing-ins and bath edges for you to tile around and up to. Windows in most houses aren’t perfectly square, and this can cause major problems if you are not aware of how to deal with them. As such, the windows in your training bay have been purposefully built out of square – we will show you an easy method for identifying the problem and dealing with it so it won’t cause you any problems in the future. We have plug sockets and light switches that will need cutting out of tiles, cooker extractor fans to work around, awkward soil pipe boxing in corners, and even walls that are not plumb.

As you will hopefully have gathered by now, this is no DIY tiling course. Our aim is to demonstrate to you all of the common problems you will encounter and then show you how to easily identify and deal with them like a professional.

Experienced & supportive instructors

Your training instructor will be Henry. He is the owner of Expert Tiling Courses UK, and has over a decade’s experience in the industry. His teaching method follows the proven process of Explain>Demonstrate>Complete. No prior experience is needed, you will be taught everything you need to know from first picking up a trowel, to being confident to take on customers’ jobs such as tiling a bathroom or a kitchen splashback. We have actually found that the students with no previous experience often tend to be the ones who produce the best work at the end of the course. The vast majority of our students are astonished at what they are able to do!

What to expect to learn

By the time you leave our training centre, you should feel confident in your knowledge of materials, which to use in which circumstances, background preparation for a whole host of different surfaces, and how to set out a room to ensure your tiles all land in an aesthetic way. Couple this theoretical knowledge with the practical skills and confidence with cutting, shaping, and fixing all types of tiles, grouting, silicone and sealing natural stone, and you should be feeling ready to go out and quote for work in the real world!

This is the point where your business, marketing, and sales training will prove completely invaluable. We will teach you how to get your business name out there and seen by potential customers, how to identify the most cost-effective marketing channels, how to price up jobs and issue your quotes. Most importantly, we will give you all of the sales tips and tricks, how to instil confidence and trust in your customers and how best to go about getting a buying commitment with the end result being winning more work than others who quote for the same job. Finally, we will show you where there are other revenue streams, how you can use trade accounts and contacts with suppliers to boost your income for every job you undertake. Put all of these tips into action and you’ll be up and running with your diary filling up in no time!

A financially rewarding career

We have a proven track record in business and in creating rewarding careers in this industry. Due to the current shortage of skilled tilers in the UK, we feel there has never been a better time to become a professional tiler. Students at Expert Tiling Courses UK will learn all of the theoretical knowledge, practical tiling skills, and the business tips and methods needed to be successful in their own business. Check out our Running a tiling business page for more information. If you are ready to make the change, there is a financially rewarding career in tiling waiting for you!

One-stop training shop

We firmly believe that people paying to train to tile and making an investment in their future should leave the course fully equipped to start their new careers. No further training should be necessary. That is why we have focussed hard on providing a one-stop training shop for tilers. Most people come to us with no prior experience, and leave us feeling confident and ready to start their very own tiling business. While on the course, some students actually manage to get jobs lined up for when they are home!

Easy to arrange discounted accommodation 

We have arranged a discounted accommodation option for all of our students who travel to train with us. The hotel is local to our training centre, easy to book, and very reasonably priced. Many of our students use this option when travelling to us, and it's highly likely you will be staying with other students from the course. This gives you the option to socialise together in the evenings if you wish, while discussing what you have learnt each day. Details of this discounted accommodation option can be found here

Future reference and aftercare

All of our students will be given bound copies of our Tiling Manuals to take home with them. These manuals contain an astonishing amount of information, all backing up what you have learnt on the course, and will prove useful for you to refer back to once you have left the course and are working on other people’s houses. You will also benefit from our ongoing support service. While we aim to teach you everything you are likely to need to know during your course, we appreciate that sometimes you may need some help with an unusual job or an unexpected problem on a job. All our students at Expert Tiling Courses UK will be given our contact details and be able to take advantage of our ongoing support and advice on any matters from practical skills, problem-solving, or even the business side of things. We will try and guide you through any issues you may come across even after you have left us.

So, why should I choose Expert Tiling Courses UK?

  • Dedicated tiling training centre – Fully focussed on tiling, tiling & more tiling!
  • Bespoke courses – Designed based on research and feedback. The perfect balance between theory & practical work, challenging yet achievable tasks
  • Expertly designed training bays – Built to replicate real-life situations and obstacles you’re likely to come across
  • Experienced and supportive instructors – You will be trained by the owner of Expert Tiling Courses UK, he will ensure that you rapidly grow in confidence, and nobody gets left behind
  • Learn all of the skills you need to be successful – Theoretical knowledge, background preparation work, practical tiling skills, running a business, marketing approaches, pricing up work and issuing quotes, converting quotes in to paying customers using sales techniques, fixing natural stone, and identifying and opening additional revenue streams.
  • A financially rewarding career – It is our business to make you successful in your business. We will guide you through everything you need to know to become successful in your new career, you just need to add the hard work!
  • One-stop tiling shop – Start with no tiling experience, and leave with all of the knowledge and skills you will need to start your new career. No additional training is needed.
  • Easy to arrange discounted accommodation - We have made it easier than ever for our students to train with us. One phone call and you can have your local affordable accommodation booked in, where you can stay alongside other students on your course.
  • Aftercare – Access to our aftercare service whenever you get stuck on a job, or just need some confidence that you’re using the right technique or approach. Contact us with your questions and we’ll guide you through.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, we would love to hear from you! Give us a call on 0333 772 1933 with any questions you have, or to book on to one of our courses.