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We are the highest rated dedicated tiling training centre in the UK offering face-to-face professional level tiling courses. Our students travel from all over the country to train with us, and we can even help you with accommodation. Take one of our advanced wall and floor tiling courses and learn how to become a tiler. Our fast-tracked courses are full business start-up courses meaning that you will learn all of the skills and knowledge needed to set up and start your new tiling business. We have many different payment options and all of our courses are eligible for ReAct+ funding by Welsh Government.

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Whether you're just getting started, or have a few years in the construction industry under your belt and are looking to up-skill yourself, we have a course for everyone.

Professional Intensive Tiling Course
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Business Development & Natural Stone
Tiling Business Guidance
Advanced Product Knowledge
Natural Stone Tiling Module
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Advanced Intensive Tiling Course
Advanced Skill Development
Wet Room Tiling Skills
Complex Problem Solving
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The Expert Tiling Course
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Herringbone & Other Bonds
Expert-Level Cutting Skills
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Do you dream of being your own boss with a financially rewarding and exciting new career? Or are you just looking to add another string to your bow? If either of these are you, we can help! Our training courses cover every aspect of wall and floor tiling, all taught to the highest possible level. Unlike most training providers who are multi-skill and only teach to a DIY level, we are an expert-level training provider working from a purpose-built training centre dedicated to tiling. We specialise in training people from all backgrounds how to tile as a professional.

We run all of our hands-on tiling courses in-person, from our tiling training centre where our students have full access to their tutors. Your tutors will be there to provide assistance, advice, demonstrate methods and techniques to you, along with answer any questions that you may think of as your training progresses. We firmly believe that this is the best way learn a trade. If you’re planning a change in your life and are targeting a new career in tiling, then this face-to-face training is incredibly valuable for your future success. We have a proven track record of training a huge number of successful professional tilers who are still trading to this day. You too can become a tiler with our highly rated courses.

We are an independent tiling training provider, not affiliated with any other company. We have developed up-to-date tiling course content which we believe teaches our students to the highest level of modern-day tiling using the latest products and techniques

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About our Courses

Here at Expert Tiling Courses UK, we run fast-track intensive courses. We teach you everything you need to know to become a tiling professional. You will be taught by the owner of the company who has vast experience in the industry and has a passion for teaching. A lot of other tiling training providers run their courses on evenings or weekends which can take months to complete. Because of the intensive nature of our courses, nothing you learn is lost from day-to-day, and you will have the opportunity to repeat the skills and tasks that you have learnt. Our tiling training centre has been painstakingly designed and purpose-built to offer our students experience in the everyday situations you are likely to come across and show you how to problem solve on the job!

Our professional-level wall and floor tiling courses will teach you how to become a tiler. Our courses don’t only cover the practical element of cutting and fitting tiles, but we also teach you how to accurately set out a tiling job, how to identify and prepare the different wall and floor background surfaces and substrates. Because our tiling courses also focus on the business side of the tiling industry, you will also learn the business skills and knowledge needed to start your own wall and floor tiling business.

Our training centre in Newport is closely situated to Bristol and is also accessible from London, Birmingham and even Ireland. If you're travelling to us, we can help you with organising accommodation at a discounted rate.

We have conducted extensive research into courses provided by other tiling training providers, along with surveying students from courses across the country. We have learnt what works, and what doesn’t. This has enabled us to tailor our tiling courses to make them as effective as possible. The feedback we have received from our students has been fantastic.

We are the highest-rated tiling training centre in the UK offering face-to-face intensive tiling courses. We have taught hundreds of students and many of those have gone on to create successful wall and floor tiling businesses. Using all of the practical skills, product and substrate knowledge, and business guidance we have taught them, they have gone on to be successful in their new businesses and benefit from all of the positives of being your own boss and running your own business. You only have to read a few of our Five Star reviews to see how many people we have helped to set up their new tiling businesses and begin a new career in wall and floor tiling.

We also regularly share past students’ work across our social media. This will hopefully help you feel confident that starting a new career in wall and floor tiling is achievable for you too. Take a look at our ‘Highlighted Stories’ on our Instagram page and you’ll see a large number of previous students’ fantastic tiling jobs from their own tiling businesses. We are enormously proud of each and every one of them!

From Beginner To Expert

No prior tiling experience is necessary. Our courses are designed for men and women of all ages with a wide range of previous experience. Anybody looking to start a new career in tiling, or looking to save money on their own property projects will find our courses and the skills and knowledge we teach you invaluable. The majority of our students have no previous experience whatsoever. In fact, we have found that it is often the people with no experience that get the best results.

Our previous students, from a wide range of experience levels, continue to tell us that they believe the fundamentals taught at the very beginning of our courses provided them with a solid base from which to go on to quickly learn the more complex skills they encountered as the course progressed. Getting these key skills perfected will really set the tone for your future tiling jobs and are essential for being able to achieve tiling work completed to a high level and in an efficient way. All of our intensive courses start from the very beginning, right from how to accurately check a spirit level for trueness, through to how to use a manual score and snap tile cutter to achieve straight cuts through different tile types and materials.

We will guide you through from start to finish.

1. Understanding Your Capabilities

All of our intensive tiling courses start from the very beginning . We assume no prior knowledge or experience, and none is required.

2. Learning The Fundamentals

Good fundamentals are crucial for building your tiling knowledge and skills. We start each course by learning the core, key skills required for tile fixing. Enabling us to expand your abilities and skills on a solid foundation.

3. Hands-on Expert Training

Our courses are predominantly hands-on, practical training. Within an hour of starting your tiling course, you’ll have a trowel in your hand and be fixing tiles. There’s no better way to learn than by having a go.

4. Get Certificated

Receive your tiling certification upon completion of your course. Your certificate details the techniques and information you have learnt, and the skills you have demonstrated.

Expertly Designed Course Content

A huge amount of thought and work has gone in to the structure of our tiling courses. Nothing you will do as part of one of our courses is done without reason. We acknowledge that these are relatively short periods of time to learn a complex finishing-trade like tiling from start to finish, and that it is never going to be possible to cover off every eventuality and scenario you’re ever likely to come across. With that in mind, it was important that we made use of every minute of your time with us, and covered as many different scenarios and skills as possible.

We have developed a series of different individual exercises and tasks for our students to complete during their training which replicate a number of different scenarios from the real-world. Using these training exercises allows us to demonstrate and then you to complete multiple different necessary skills at the same time. We are also constantly tweaking the structure and the way the demonstrations are given to optimise every moment of your training. Each exercise will be fully explained and demonstrated to you by your tutors before you complete them yourself. There will of course always be time for any questions you have too!

What sets up apart? We believe our fantastic reputation is mainly due to the fact that our tutors genuinely care. Your lead tutor Henry is the owner of the business and takes an enormous amount of pride from seeing all of our previous students’ tiling work after they have left us. If you’re undecided if Expert Tiling Courses UK is the right place for you, then we have put together a list of a few things for you to consider on our Why Choose Us page.

Fully Inclusive Courses

All of the tools and materials you will need for the duration of your training are provided for you. We have established close relationships with manufacturers and suppliers in the tiling industry that enables us to introduce our students to the most up-to-date products and tools available. You will learn about many of the materials available on the market that have been designed to overcome hurdles and problematic substrates that you will come across in your new career. We will show you how to identify, prepare and tile all of these surfaces on one of our fully inclusive professional tiling courses.

Modern Tools

We help you get to grip with the leading tools in the industry so you're prepared for any job. We also keep these tools in stock if you wish to purchase them.

Expert Partnerships

Our longstanding partnership with manufacturers and suppliers ensure you have the best tools and materials for use during your training.

Tiling Course Options

We offer a range of tiling courses - from 4 days, all the way up to 13 days.


Professional Intensive Tiling Course

Our 4 Day Professional Intensive Tiling Course is our shortest course and is therefore very intensive in nature. You will learn all of the core skills needed to begin your tiling career, from accurately setting out a wall or floor tiling job, achieving all of the different type and shape cuts out of the different tile materials, correctly preparing the different wall and floor background substrates, all the way through the job to grouting your finished work!


Business Development & Natural Stone

There is also an option to add on our 1 Day Business Development, Advanced Product Knowledge & Natural Stone course; this is our theory day and runs on the Friday. On this course we cover the crucial information you will need to be able to set-up and run your tiling business, deal with all kinds of advanced tiling situations and products, along with a full understanding of how to work with natural stone tiles. This course is an optional add-on for our 4 day course but is included as standard in our 9 and 13 day courses.


Advanced Intensive Tiling Course

Our 9 Day Advanced Intensive Tiling Course builds on the skills learnt on the first week, while learning some more complex skills and techniques. Rake cuts in to angled walls, complex setting out, an understanding of wetroom trays and tanking systems and how we can envelope cut our floor tiles to fit the gradients on a wetroom floor former. There are also some challenging tile trim exercises included in this week; our training will help you to take your understanding and abilities to the next level.


Expert Tiling Course

Finally we have our most comprehensive offering: the 13 Day Expert Tiling Course. This is the most comprehensive professional tiling course we have found in the UK. Building on the knowledge and skills learnt in the previous two weeks, we take a deep dive in to the more complicated tiling bonds. Brick bond, diamond bond, and both types of herringbone are covered in this course. Setting them out accurately, ensuring you start off (and continue) level, and understanding how to wrap these bonds (patterns) around corners from one wall to another. There is more focus on floor tiling on this course too, and you will learn how to use levelling clip systems with larger format porcelain tiles to ensure your tiles all lay flat without lips from tile to tile. If you want to fully throw yourself in to tiling, and are able to commit the time to this course, then this is the one for you!

Whichever of our courses you go for, you can be confident that your time with us will be used wisely. Our courses are intensive in nature and there is no time wasted or standing around with hands in pockets. We pack in as much information as possible during the relatively short time you are with us, meaning that you’ll always get great value for your commitment of time and money. We believe our reputation speaks for itself.