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Tiling Courses Ireland & Northern Ireland

If you’re reading this then the chances are you’re looking for a tiling course in Ireland or Northern Ireland.

While we are not located there, we do train countless people from the island of Ireland.

When you decide to retrain for a new career you are investing in yourself and your future. As such, we firmly believe that should do everything you can to make the absolute most of that investment. This includes finding and attending the very best tiling course that you can - including travelling if needed. We are the highest-rated dedicated tiling training provider in the UK with hundreds of five star reviews. We have an exceptional record of helping to create some of the very best wall and floor tiling professionals in the country.

Our courses dont just focus on the practical element of tiling (although this is obviously covered in great detail), we also pay great attention to the technical knowledge and business skills you will need to ensure your tiling jobs don't fail and that you are able able to set up, run & optimise your tiling business. This information is invaluable and many of our previous students have commented how useful it has been to their career success. We are biased of course, but we believe you wont find a better tiling training provider and that the initial investment needed to travel to us will prove more than worthwhile in the long run

We have students coming to us every month from Dublin or Belfast or in fact anywhere in Ireland. The transport links are easy. There are 3 ferry routes operating between Ireland and Wales offering you a combined total of 9 sailings per day

Travelling to our tiling training centre from Ireland

There are many ferry crossings per day from Dublin to Holyhead which take only a couple of hours. From there you can drive to our training centre in South Wales. There are also daily crossings from Rosslare to Fishguard or Rosslare to Pembroke Dock.

You also have the option of flying in to Bristol Airport (about a 50 minute drive from our tiling training centre), or Cardiff Airport (35 minutes).

Travelling to attend our tiling courses from Northern Ireland

Many of our students from Belfast and Northern Ireland get a ferry across to Liverpool and then drive down through Wales to our tiling training centre in South Wales. StenaLine offer 4 crossings a day for this route. Otherwise travelling to Dublin first offers you more ferry options direct to South Wales.

The flight options are also worth considering with options to fly from Belfast to either Bristol or Cardiff Airports, both are within a short drive our our training centre.


We have arranged discounted accommodation for all of our students at a local hotel in Newport. This proves enormously popular with our Irish and Northern Irish students. It is highly likely you would be staying in the hotel alongside other students from your course which gives you the option to socialise in the evenings, and discuss what you have learnt and your tiling goals over a drink or some dinner.